ICYMI: Firefighting Goats, Missing Whales, President Blankenship & More

ICYMI: Firefighting Goats, Missing Whales, President Blankenship & More 1

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Southern California’s Simi Valley escapes burning in the Easy Fire because brush-clearing goats had consumed the flammable grass and shrubs surrounding it.

President Donald Trump renews his demand that California governor Gavin Newsom “clean his forest floors.” (Only 3 percent of forest land in California is held by the state. Federal agencies control more than half.) 

October 2019 was the hottest October on record.

On the first day he can legally do so, President Trump withdraws the United States from the Paris climate accord

A new study finds that three-quarters of the pledges made by countries remaining in the climate accord are insufficient and that many of them are unlikely to be achieved anyway.

Italy is the first country to make learning about climate change compulsory for students. 

Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to increase the number of charging stations for electric vehicles in Germany from the current 21,000 to 1 million by 2030.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is revealed to have played a leading role in coordinating Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s extortion of Ukraine.

The US surpasses 100 gigawatts of wind capacity.

Iceland uses more energy to mine bitcoin than to power all of the nation’s houses. 

The October migration of bowhead whales in the Chukchi Sea along the northern coast of Alaska didn’t happen this year. No one knows where the whales are.

The carbon-sequestering value of great whales is $2 million per whale

Drinking water at the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey, is contaminated with the highly toxic chemical PFOA. 

The EPA proposes rolling back regulations on the storage of coal ash, potentially allowing the toxic substance to be dumped in waterways that millions of people depend on for their drinking water. 

Alaska warns state dispensaries about pesticide-contaminated marijuana from Texas. 

Don Blankenship, the former head of Massey Energy who spent a year in prison for violating mine-safety standards, is running for president. So, perhaps, is Michael Bloomberg.